Who knew Kenbridge had an Airport? There’s an Kenbridge Airport Commission, so there must be an airport, right! I wish someone would give me directions.

A request by Three Rivers Treatment Center on Hickory Rd failed to gain council approval to add 12 adult beds, citing concerns of mixing youth and adults int the same facility and over extending the police department to support any issues, the motion to approve (as recommended by the planning commission) could not get a second and therefore it basically died, I guess the memories of Cralle Manor were still fresh in the council’s memories.

New ordinances (hopefully with some teeth) were passed to combat the increasing number of blighted properties, it will be nice to see all these nasty looking rental properties get cleaned up, because there are some sketchy looking houses out there.

A traffic speed study will be conducted in the near future in Kenbridge, in order to adjust the speed limits

And some progress has been made on the walking trail, that will initially go from Barnes Street, up to Broad, the town will apply for DCR and Tobacco grants, as soon as all the easements are completed.

And don’t forget the July Jubilee & parade, is coming to Kenbridge park, for more information, on entering the parade, or having a booth, please go here, for more information